Why wooden toys?

Why we love wooden toys
We love wooden toys here at L+L. They’re beautiful to look at, timeless, safer and generally more environmentally friendly then the alternative shiny, bright and bold plastic toys. Not convinced? Here’s a few more reasons why you might want to consider wood next time you’re toy shopping.
Wooden toys are timeless
Wooden toys have a far better longevity than plastic toys. Chances are if you dig through grandmas communal toys box there’ll be wooden blocks in there that she’s had since the 50s and they’re still in mint condition. There is often little colour used on natural wooden toys, sometimes a simple stain or oil is enough to give the wood depth. Simple, yet this is a pretty clever way to make sure your wooden toys never fade, never go out of fashion, never need repairing or repainting and never look like they’re 30+ years old.
Wooden toys are better for the environment
Wood, unlike plastic, is a sustainable resource. Meaning it grows quickly and can be replaced. At the end of a wooden toys life it becomes biodegradable and so can be disposed of in a far safer and easier way. Plastic toys, on the other hand, are made from oil. A non-renewable resource that cannot be replaced. Plastic toys often also contain electronic components that break easily and just don’t last the rest of time.
However there are some amazing plastic toys such as LEGO we’ve all played with LEGO before and we all know that stuff lasts forever!!! There’s also some really clever toys on the market that are made entirely from recycled plastic, they are great in the bath and for outdoor play, so as it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Just do your research and make a more mindful decision when it comes to gift giving.
Wooden toys encourage fine motor skills.
Whether it’s coordination, decision-making or one’s own sense of balance, wooden toys can help your child with all of them. Your child plays and learns things which are important for their intellectual development. For example, if your child builds a tower out of wooden blocks, it requires dexterity. Your child has to find a way to stack the wooden blocks in such a way that they won’t fall down or collapse. This trains fine motor skills, improves their hand eye coordination and their sense of balance.
Wooden toys are better for your child/ren.
Besides having the obvious environmental benefits wooden toys are also better for your child in more ways then one.
Firstly plastic toys can contain BPA. So it’s vital to check what plastic toys are made from before buying them. Especially as we all know how often toys end up in little mouths. Secondly, wooden toys tend to be open-ended in design. This encourages children to be more creative and imaginative with their play. An electronic plastic toy very obviously does one thing, it’s generally really loud and flashes and it’s all very exciting until it’s no longer of interest or your child grows out of that stage. Whereas toys without an obvious single-use can become anything your child desires. Flashy plastic toys can also risk over-stimulating little minds which can actually cause developmental delays.
If you are looking to add a few more wooden toys to your little ones space here are some of our most popular choices.

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