Mother’s Day Interview 2020

In the lead up to Mother’s Day this year we thought it’d be fun to sit down and celebrate with business owner Fallons Mum, Margaret, to do a quick interview and shared a moment of reflection.
1. What was your favorite toy as a child?
My dolly, I can’t remember her name but she had different coloured body parts, was definitely some kind of hand me down but I loved that she was a bit mismatched. 

2. How many kids did you want as a little girl?
Four, but I was happy with my pigeon pair.
3. What was the best book you read when you were my age?
Gosh, I don’t know, that was a while ago. The colour purple I think it was.

4. Did you have a pet as a child. What was it and what was it called?
We had a pet dog called red. She was just an everyday cattle dog but she was beautiful. She would walk us to and from the bus stop every day.
5. What was your favourite meal as a child?
Lemon sago. Yum!!!
6. What’s the naughtiest thing you did as a child that you parents probably still don’t know?
They would know haha, they may have pretended not to, but I’m sure they knew. As a teen I used to steal my dad’s cigarettes and give them to my friends. What a rebel.
7. What’s the most embarrassing thing I did to you as a child?
You pooped all over me in the baby carrier while I was in the line up at the post office. It was at Christmas time and I didn’t want to lose my spot in the line. So I just stood there in all my glory, with yellow poop running down my front.
8. Is there anything I do as a mother that reminds me of you?
You’re very loving and nurturing, you always have been to anyone you meet but you’d do anything for your boys. It makes me really proud.

9. What has been most challenging thing about motherhood?
There’s no manual. You just have to figure it out yourself, on your own, and learn that you need to trust your own instincts over others opinions.

10. What has been the best part of motherhood? Learning as you go. Finding yourself along the way. Growing with your children and beginning to understand that there was never any right or wrong.

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