Easter is coming

Besides chocolate do you give your little ones gifts? What’s your tradition? I think that’s got to be one of my favourite things about being a parent. Creating new family traditions and memories that will one day be cherished and passed down to grandchildren.
Aside from the usual (give me all the chocolate) We’ve come up with a thoughtful list that offers more ideas for those Easter Gift shopping. Keep reading because we’ve got a couple of great activities linked below.
  1. Winter pjs. It always seems to get really cold right after Easter in Australia. This is a great practical gift idea that will last them through Autumn/Winter.

  2. A game or activity. It’s a holiday period and this helps with breaking the boredom (great idea to make it something you can take on road-trips/camping). Have a look at our popular wooden toy picks linked below.

This is usually something we do together as a family on Easter Morning.
So much fun.
I’ve linked one of our favourite Easter craft activities to date.
This is an eco friendly one that is pretty mess free.
Cookie cutters (Easter themed of course). You can usually find these at Spotlight, craft stores or sometimes even your local supermarket.
With the bonus of Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime there will be plenty of movies to pick from. You can include some popcorn, marshmallows and hot chocolate powder in your child’s Easter basket and pick a movie to watch.
Easter movie favourites include:
Peter Rabbit, Hop, Rise of the Guardians, The dog who saved Easter, Chicken Little, Chicken Run, Barnyard, Babe.
Other gift ideas that aren’t wasteful and are sure to get heaps of use include -Keepsakes for baby's first Easter.
A hat or beanie to wear in the coming seasons
-Seedlings for the veggie garden.
-Chalk, crayons, paint or bubbles.
We’ve linked below a FREE printable and guide to make Easter Bunny Food. Let your little put this together since absolutely nothing can go wrong. It’s that easy! Package up a handful of the mixture (you can use calico or organza bags from your local dollar shop, plastic tubes from the craft store or even repurpose baby food jars with some sweet pastel gingham tied over the lid).
You can spread the Easter spirit then by sharing this bunny fun food with your neighbours and play group, or kindy friends. Sprinkle the mix on your yard the night before Easter to make sure the bunny finds your house safely. We do a similar thing at Christmas with reindeer food. Loads of fun.
Rolled oats
100s&1000s or sprinkles
Glitter if you’ve got some
Gingham or scrap fabric (for your jar tops)
Printed labels

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