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Unbelievably beautiful rare white Sphalerite tower. The energy of this crystal is truly special. 

Sphalerite is your aid in laying down groundwork, activating the first 3 of your Chakras, this rare crystal helps you act, balance and ground.

Sphalerite will activate the inner courage you require to make necessary changes in your life, centering your energy to ensure one is focused, and rooting its user to the ground, guiding you to stay true to your authentic path. 

This crystal is your biggest supporter, the life coach of the spiritual world, helping you feel confident and believe in your own capabilities; letting you know your dreams are yours to achieve, they’re within reach and you can attain them as soon as you are ready.

A great stone for those who become easily stressed or overwhelmed, Sphalerite keeps your energy focused on the task at hand. Grounding and supporting you throughout your daily journey. 

NOTE- Each of our crystals are carefully hand selected. They are treated with love and care and are posted to their new homes in the same fashion

Approximately 13cm 

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