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Our most popular kit contains 10 of our most popular essential oils- the perfect way to start your doTERRA journey. 


  • Safe – the best quality, purest oils you can find – grown, harvested and tested to meet a standard of purity
  • Effective – essential oils can help you take control of your health naturally, able to eliminate mould, fungus, viruses and bacteria
  • Affordable – one drop is all you need for results


  • EasyAir (15ml) – a blend of pure oils to nourish the lungs and sinuses.  Diffuse at night for healthy and restful breathing, or use on feet for seasonal respiratory discomfort.
  • DigestZen (15ml) –  a digestive blend of seven pure oils to ease digestive discomfort, ease motion sickness or nausea.  Use for comfortable digestion at mealtimes.
  • Frankincense (15ml) -nourishes the blood and brain, beautifies skin, supports immunity, helps aches and pains, the “king of oils”.
  • Ice Blue (5ml) – a blend of pure oils to nourish muscles and joints.  Apply to tired and aching joints, rub on arms and legs before and after exercise, use for deep tissue massage.
  • Lavender (15ml) – soothes irritated skin, calms bee stings and insect bites, soothes emotions, supports restful sleep and breathing.
  • Lemon (15ml) – drink with water daily, soothes irritated throat, neutralises odours, naturally breaks down petrochemicals in the body.  Can be used for cleaning, antioxidant and detoxifier, elevates mood.
  • On Guard (15ml) – a protective blend, can be used as  mouth rinse, diffused for airborne threats or applied to spine or bottom of feet.  Contains nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant (clove oil).
  • Oregano (15ml) – natural immune support, good for feet, toenails and warts, supports health.
  • Peppermint (15ml) – invigorates lungs, calms stomach and head tension, increases alertness and focus, cools body.
  • Tea Tree (15ml) – nourishes the skin, good for feet and toenails, mouth and skin, helps sores and rashes.
  • Petal Diffuser – for effective diffusion of your essential oils.  Comes with a light and automatic timer.



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