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Pendulums have been used for centuries as a way of gaining insight, or answers to questions.

Pendulums are a personal tool, the more time you spend connecting with it the more clarity you will receive.

Once you have programed your pendulum, you are ready to being using it. There are some simple steps to follow to determine if you have connected your energy to your pendulum and are ready to proceed with possibly questions.

Talk to your pendulum:
1. Holding you pendulum away from you, with the chain at full length and your wrist stationary ask your pendulum to show you YES.
The pendulum should begin to swing in one direction back and forwards.
2. Say STOP
3. Ask your pendulum to show you NO.
The pendulum should now swing back and forwards in the opposite direction.

The way to test these truths is to ask 2 questions - one you know to be true and one you know to be false. The pendulum should swing in the YES direction and then the NO direction.

Choose from 3 beautiful gemstones. Amethyst, rose quartz or clear quartz. Ready to gift in draw string pouch, great for sage storage free from dust or other unwanted energies. 

- These pendulums measure 42mm x 28mm with a length of 315mm, including the chain.


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