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All your crystal essentials and spiritual healing tools in one convenient kit.

A selection of 7 beautiful stones, amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, orange calcite, blue calcite, smoky quartz and green calcite. We’ve also included 3 powerful cleansing tools to assist you in keeping your crystals and your space cleansed. 

Amethyst - Is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace.

Rose Quartz - Is a beautiful stone that everyone should have in their collection. It has a gentle loving energy that can assist you to overcome hurt and soothe emotions. It promotes, love, peace and comfort.

Clear Quartz - Is the 'Master Healer'. It acts as an all-purpose healer and can therefore be useful in many situations. Clear Quartz promotes, concentration, positive energy and balance. Quartz is said to be a stone of harmony.

Orange calcite - Aligns ones thought with ones will, assisting in taking action towards ones goals. It assists in overcoming depression, lethargy or inactivity and can be wonderful in reclaiming ones health and vitality.

Smoky Quartz - A protective and grounding stone. It penetrates and dissolves energy fields that have been generated from anger, negative thoughts or resentment and raises the positive vibrations during meditation. 

Blue calcite - A good stone to use when recuperating. Blue Calcite facilitates physical healing by clearing negative emotions and encouraging rest and relaxation.

Green calcite - A strong healing crystal that is known for its support within the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental planes. 

Cleansing tools - Nag champa, Palo Santo and white sage. 

Each kit is beautifully hand packed in a drawstring bag.

NOTE- As with all complementary healing, crystals are not intended to take the place of medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you are concerned about your health or wellbeing.

Although these select crystals are each approximately over 4-5cm in size please be mindful of little ones who may wish to handle these stones and remember to store them in a safe place out of reach.

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